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Does an event promotion company only buy your advertisements?

No. Events Inc. starts at the ground up in ensuring that your event will be a success. We negotiate your contracts with your venue space and event staff, we help you set and implement your marketing budget, we utilize our industry partnerships to ensure best rates and we have the expertise to put plans in place for the unexpected. We will be your management company for your event so you can enjoy it’s successes.

What do event promotion companies focus on?

The top sectors of event management is establishing a relationship with the venue, event organizers and media. Then having contracts in place, event infrastructure defined, and third parties established. Then using proven data to bring in the target audience, sponsors, vendors, and talent to ensure a successful event.

What if our event gets canceled due to weather?

Contingency plans and insurance plans must be confirmed in the early stages of an event. You must be transparent with the vendors, exhibitors and consumers on what will happen if the event does not go on as planned.

Will someone be on-site the day(s) of my event?

Our team works with all involved for months leading up to your event and in most circumstances will be on-site during your event. Events Inc. will establish and customize a plan to fit your needs and will be there as much or as little as your event requires.

Do you help us pick a venue for our next event?

If a venue is not already determined we will work on areas of interest and start negotiations with appropriate venue spaces for you.

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